Kindy 2022 Information

Firstly, welcome! It is lovely to have you at our wonderful school. We are sure you and your child will be very happy here, and look forward to seeing you around the school yard.

We recognise that your transition to 'big' school is not the experience you thought it would be due to COVID, but we hope to make your life a little easier if we can. For the remainder of 2021, the uniform shop will be operating online only, however we have permission to open for appointments on the in-person Kindy orientation day on 25th November 2021. Click here to make an appointment. 

I was unable to secure an appointment! Help! Don't panic, we are still taking online orders, and we will make sure to have at least one more day (probably in early 2022) so that you can purchase your uniforms before your child starts school. We are also planning to have a helper waiting in the community garden area to answer questions and offer help, so you are invited to hang around for a chat.

Hopefully the below will answer some of your burning questions, if not please get in touch at: or reach out via our Facebook page here.

What do I need to buy?

The school uniform requirements can be found here.

That is a lot of stuff! What do I REALLY need?

We get it, it is a big outlay, and you can't even come in and have a look for yourself! Here is a list of the musts, and the maybes, along with some indications of sizing to get you started. On sizing, there are size charts on most products items for your convenience. Once again, if you have any questions reach out on Facebook or via email as listed above.


Monday to Thursday

We recommend 2 sets to start with to allow for washing. You might want 2 dresses, you might want 1 dress, 1 polo and 1 culottes, or you might want 2 polos and 2 shorts/culottes. Or you might want more.

Sizes are pretty close to what you would be used to in the shops for polos and shorts. Our current stock of culottes seems to be about a size smaller than the tag says, but we are in the process of ordering some that are more true to size. The best thing to do would be to order the size you think they need, and we can exchange if needed.

All Monday to Thursday uniforms are to be worn with white socks that cover the ankles, and black enclosed school shoes. School shoes can be purchased wherever you would normally purchase shoes, or through Dr Shoe, who provides a small fundraising commission to the P&C.


You only need 1 set of these as they are only worn on Fridays, and the occasional other special day throughout the year.

Sports uniforms are weirdly sized. The tops especially can be a bit on the bigger side. This is why they start from a size 2. If you are ordering a size 4 white polo, we would recommend a size 2 sport polo. But maybe still stick with the size 4 sport shorts unless your child is very small in the waist.

All Friday uniforms are to be worn with white socks that cover the ankles, and white enclosed sport shoes. School shoes can be purchased wherever you would normally purchase shoes, or through Dr Shoe, who provides a small fundraising commission to the P&C.

All week

A must! Unless your child has a tiny head, get a medium. There is an adjustable toggle drawstring so you can tighten it if it is too big. If your child wears their hair up and they have a lot of it, you might even consider a large.

It is a good idea to get a jacket or jumper at the beginning of the year and just leave it in your child's school bag. Sometimes the weather changes or it is cooler in the morning even in summer. These are pretty true to size, but if you're not sure, size up, you will get more use out of it and it will still fit ready for winter if your child has a growth spurt.


Your child will need a school bag, but it does NOT have to be the one from school.

We recommend our school bag as it has a warranty, is very durable, is large, and is water resistant. It does seem like a lot of money to spend on a school bag, but compared to what you spend in the shops it actually works out as a good investment because it generally lasts all the way through to the end of year 6. Our school bag also has a handy metal loop on it ready for your carabiner, which makes it easy to clip on a library bag and homework bag (you will learn how valuable this is pretty quickly!).

Again, your child will need a library bag, but it does NOT have to be the one from school.

We recommend our library bag is it is a good size, it is very durable, it is waterproof, and it is perfect to clip onto the school bag if you have a carabiner. Once again these last all the way to the end of year 6 so are a solid investment.

  • Document Bag

If your child is starting Kindy in 2022, you DO NOT need to buy this as the P&C donates one to each Kindy student for their homework.


Your child will need an art smock, but once again it does NOT need to be from us.

These aren't part of the school uniform or requirements, however they are useful if your child is unable to tie their own shoes, but has shoelaces. Once their shoes are tied, you just loop the safelace around, and it holds them tied all day. They are available in black and white.

How will I get my uniform?

This is the tricky bit! If you are happy to wait until next year, we will pack it and put it aside ready for you. But otherwise we will get in touch when your order is ready to arrange either dropping it to your house, or you picking up from a designated pick up point.

What if I buy the wrong size?

Not a problem, we have a 60 day exchange policy on items that are new, unworn, and with tags still attached. This policy extends a little bit over the Christmas holidays so that if you bought in November but need to exchange in the first few weeks of school, we will still honour that.

Due to COVID, we realise that you will not be able to try uniform items before buying. We are happy to work with you to exchange anything that doesn't fit, multiple times if needed! If you are unsure of sizing, feel free to buy one of each size, or just what you think will be right, and we will exchange it for you.

An item I need is out of stock online!

Don't panic! If the website lets you put it in the cart, you can buy it and it will go on backorder. We will order the stock and it will be ready for your child to start school (if you order before the end of the 2021 school year). If the website does not let you add it, please email: with the subject line "uniforms" and we will help you.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes! We offer a discounted starter pack which includes:

  • school bag
  • library bag
  • art smock
  • hat
  • sports polo
  • sports shorts
  • v-neck jumper

This pack is being offered at a price of $175 which is a saving of $22.50. The pack can be ordered here with the code: BSP201 (you will need to place each item in your cart)

I want to be involved with the P&C, what should I do?

Yay! We are always excited when new people want to help out. You can be involved as formally or informally as you like. There is more information here and also check out the meetings information as well.